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Welcome to our farm for European hares, also known as brown hares – the first of its kind in Bulgaria. The farm is located in Sopot village, Ugarchin municipality, Lovech region – “The Red Bridge”. It is owned by Irena Radulova.

The project activity starts by importing 5 couples hares from Slovakia and they shall fill the capacity of the farm within a year. European hares are brought from a specialized farm, they have a pedigree and are in breeding age. A qualified veterinary takes care of the hares and their fututre generation.


We care about the hares by:

The farm has a capacity for breeding 5000 hares per yeаr. Therefor, 260 wooden-door cells with net and automatic water racks are provided, and there is also 20 acres terrain for the hares, except those in breeding period, to walk and accustom to real conditions.

Also 15 acres terrain with plantings of alfalfa, St. John’s wort, chamomile and special mixture, and a storage, is provided for the proper nutrition of the hares.

Channels with running water are built for the proper cleaning of the cells.

hares per year
wooden cells
acres terrain
acres planting terrain